Menu of the day 18 €


Ibericque Ham D.O Guijuelo Fisan 50 grs with tomato bread 16€

Ham kibble 2 units and kibble cod 2 units 8€

Home made patatas bravas 8€

Iberian pork sobrasada toasts and honey 8€

Adalusian style squids 10€

Artichoke hearts 13€



Braised eggplants 16€

 Braised eggplants, raw cow milk (Tou dels til-lers), tiger nuts and summer truffle

Poke bowl vegan 17 €

Rice, avocado, smoked tofu, carrot, edamame, turnip, cabbage with sesame vinaigrette

Cesar salad 12€

Cesar salad with chicken breast panner, parmesan, croutons

Kale salad 9€

Kale salad with quinoa, soy macerted cherry tomatoes, roasted hazelnuts and edamame

Buratta 15€

Burrata with watermelon, sider vinegar gel, broccoli pesto, dry kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, basil and fresh mint

Truffle pizza 24€

Pizza 26cm with summer truffle, grilled pine nut, confit tomatoes and burrata

Home made soup 11€

Home made soup according to the season vegetables

Mushrooms carpaccio 12€

Mushroom carpaccio with roast beef, arugula, dried fruits and citrus sauce

Scallop tartar with mango 25€

Scallop tartar with mangue, passion fruit gel, mango powder and blinis

Fried shrimps with chipoltes 23€

Fried shrimp in garlic, chipotle and lime juice, served with avocado cream and corn tacos

Ceviche of corvina 24€

Ceviche of corvina, sweet potatoes, mango, onion, coriander and langoustine tempura


Caviar Gresha with blinis and butter 30 grs 180€
 Gillardeau Oyster n°3 Nature with lemon 6u 26€




Hamburger Rossini 28€

Hamburger with organic Galician beef 6 months of maturation with onion confit, grilled “foie gras“, lettuce, Comté cheese and truffle beef sauce

Beef tartar 21€

Knife-cut beef tartare with poached egg and fries


Braised beef fillet 27€

Braised beef fillet (250grs) with sweet potato cream, glazed chestnuts and shallots

Chuletón (FOR TWO) 1,500kg 125€

Galician’s prime rib 8 months cured, grilled,served with truffle mash potatoes and green beans

Shin of beef (2 pax) 65€

Shin of beef with porto sauce, potatoes puree and french fries

Chicken fillet 19€

Corn breaded chicken fillet



Fresh salmon 17€

Salmon with fresh cream with crispy shichimi togarashi rice noodles, lime reduction and grape carpaccio

Red tuna tataki 29€

Grilled red tuna tataki with teriyaki and avocado


Fresh salmon, avocado, teriyaki sauce and lemon cream

Sea bass with tom-yum sauce 26€

Sea bass with tom-yum sauce, crispy sweet potatoes, black sesam powder and coriander


Spaghetti 18€

Spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce, meatballs with parmesan and basilic crisp

My grandmother’s coquillettes 21€

“Coquillettes” pasta with sweet ham, Parmesan cheese, onion confit, veal broth and truffle

Gnocchis 19€

Potato gnocchi with homemade soft béchamel sauce and tomato confit



Mashed potatoes with truffle 9€ Fries 5€ Green beans 5€ Mashed potatoes 5€


Lemon Pie 11€

Biscuit tartlet with lemon cream, Italian meringue and candied lemon zest

Pizza de Nutella 10€

Nutella with pizza (12 cm) and watermelon, olive oil pearls, walnuts and fresh mint

This Is My Fucking Tiramisu 13€

Mascarpone cream, custard, biscuits with coffee and mascarpone ice cream

Cheese Forêt served by the chef (2 pers.) 32€

Fresh cheese mousse with red fruits sauce, berries fruit, broken biscuit, crunchy mint and basil

Cotton candy 11€

Yogurt mousse with mascarpone, strawberries, strawberry sauce and cotton candy

Chocolate croquettes 9€

Chocolate croquettes with Nutella and vanilla ice cream

Tarte « Tatin » 11€

Tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream, pastry cream flambéed with Calvados

Selection of cheeses from the Pyrenees 18€

All our prices are in Euros IGI included