Our kitchen

The kitchen, run by chef Erik Ríos, is a reflection of this colorful venue bursting with creativity. Philippe Shangti has put all his trust in this renowned chef, who has a proven track record working alongside some of the greatest names in the business.

Translating a contemporary artistic concept into a quality culinary proposal is a challenge that chef Erik Ríos takes up with flying colors.
Cared for and worked like a work of art, each dish brings to the awakening of sensations both on the olfactory point, as well as taste and visual.
The “chuleton” of beef from Galicia (8 months of maturation), one of the emblematic dishes of La Petite Forêt is a fine and melting proposal

Chef Ríos also recommends the cheesecake, which brings a touch of sweetness and whose flavors of a delicately smoked crumble will transport you to the heart of the forests of Andorra.

La petite Foret